Contributions to Proceedings:

K. Sylejmani, J. Dorn, N. Musliu:
"Tourist trip planning: solo versus group traveling";
in: "30th Workshop of the UK Planning and Scheduling Special Interest Group", issued by: UK Planning and Scheduling Special Interest Group; SIGPLAN, 2012.

English abstract:
Tourism activities are mostly done in groups, where tourists
enjoy their trip in company of their relatives or friends.
Hence, in this paper, we present an approach on how to
solve the problem trip planning for a group of tourists. An
algorithm that was developed for a single tourist trip is
applied in the context of group trip. The solo, subgroup and
group tourist trip are discussed and compared. New test
instances based on the instances in the literature are
presented for group trip planning. Based on the preliminary
results, the solo trip seems to be better for smaller tourist
groups and less related tourist members, whereas the group
trip is preferred for larger groups that include tight relation
between group members.

Constrained Team Orienteering Problem with Time Windows; Touristic Trip Planning; Tabu Search;

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