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P. Puschner, R. Kirner, D. Prokesch, B. Huber:
"Compiling for Time Predictability";
Talk: ERCIM/EWICS/Cyberphysical Systems Workshop, Magdeburg, Germany; 2012-09-25 - 2012-09-28; in: "Computer Safety, Reliability, and Security - SAFECOMP 2012 Workshops", Lecture Notes in Computer Science / Springer, 7613 (2012), ISBN: 978-3-642-33674-4; 382 - 391.

English abstract:
Within the T-CREST project we work on hardware/software architectures and code-generation strategies for time-predictable embedded and cyber-physical systems. In this paper we present the single-path code generation approach that we plan to explore and implement in a compiler prototype for a time- predictable processor. Single-path code generation produces code that forces every execution to follow the same trace of instructions, thus supporting time predictability and simplifying the worst-case execution-time analysis of code. The idea of the single-path generation and details about the code-generation rules of the compiler can be found in this work

real-time systems,compilers,time predictability,worst-case execution-time analysis

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