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R. Kammerer, R. Obermaisser, B. Frömel:
"A router for the containment of timing and value failures in CAN";
EURASIP Journal on Embedded Systems, 2012 (2012), 4.

English abstract:
The dependability deficiencies and bandwidth constraints of the controller area network (CAN) can prevent its use in safety-relevant and performance-demanding applications. This paper introduces mechanisms for fault detection and fault isolation based on an intelligent CAN router, which exploits a priori knowledge about the permitted behavior of attached electronic control units (ECUs) in order to detect and contain failures. Experiments using an FPGA-based implementation of the CAN router evaluate these mechanisms under different failure modes (e.g., timing failures, masquerading failures). Due to its compatibility to the CAN standard, the router can improve the dependability and performance of systems with existing ECUs. In addition, we extend the application areas of CAN to systems with higher performance and dependability requirements than can be supported with a conventional bus-based network.

CAN; CAN router; Fault detection; Fault location; Fault isolation; MPSoC design; ACROSS MPSoC

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