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T. Ivas, E. Povoden-Karadeniz, A. Grundy, E. Jud-Sierra, J. Grässlin, L.J. Gauckler:
"Experimental phase diagram determination and thermodynamic assessment of the CeO2-Gd2O3-CoO system";
Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 96 (2012), 2; 613 - 626.

English abstract:
New phase diagram data and a thermodynamic assessment of the CeO-Gd2O3-CoO system using the CALPHAD approach are presented. This information is needed to understand the surprisingly low sintering temperature (950C-1050C) of CeO2-based materials doped with small amounts of transition metaloxide (e.g.,CoO). Experimental phase equilibria between 1100C and 1300C are reported based on the analysis of annealed and molten samples. No isolated compound exists in the ternary. At1300C the Co solubility in the ternary compounds Ce1−x−yGdxCoyO2−x/2−y (fluorite) is 2.7 mol% and is less than 1 mol% in the Gd2xCexO3+x/2 (bixbyite). The Ce solubility in the perovskite GdCoO3-δ was found to be 1 mol%. The lowest temperature eutectic melt in the ternary has a composition of 57.2 mol% Co and 41.1 mol% Gd melting at an onset temperature of 13035C, which is close to the binary eutectic in the Gd2O3-CoO system at 602 mol% Co and 13481C.

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