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H. Koch, R. Gómez Vázquez, A. Otto:
"Multiphysical Simulation of Laser Material Processing";
Vortrag: Lane 2012, Erlangen, BRD (eingeladen); 12.11.2012 - 15.11.2012; in: "Physics Proceedia", A. Otto (Hrg.); Elsevier, Volume 39 (2012), Paper-Nr. 1875-3892, 9 S.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Within this paper a multiphysical simulation model is presented that is capable for simulating a wide range of laser processes like e.g. laser beam welding, brazing, cutting, drilling or ablation. Some important aspects of the model are explained more in detail and results from test cases are compared with analytical solutions revealing the high accuracy of the model. Finally exemplary results from process simulations on laser beam remote cutting of steel and laser beam scribing of silicon wafers are given.

Simulation; Volume of fluid; Thermo-mechanics; Laser cutting; Laser scribing

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