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M. Hoffmann, R. Blab:
"A standardized life-cycle costing framework for flexible and rigid pavements in Austria";
in: "Life - Cycle and Sustainability of Civil Infrastzructure Systems", herausgegeben von: IALCCE; Taylor and Francis Group, London, London, 2012, ISBN: 978-0-415-62126-7, S. 2131 - 2138.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Flexible and rigid pavements show a number of different failure types with considerable impact on road safety and rehabilitation needs. Standardized Pavement Management Systems (PMS) address these issues
based on deterministic weighted condition indices and utility value approaches which do not yield optimal results from a life cycle cost (LCC) perspective. In order to overcome these limits a standardized LCC - framework has been developed. It consists of aims and a standardized procedure from failure type and measure
catalogues to condition assessment and optimization of measures for any combination of failure types. Furthermore the developed approach is capable of determining economic timing and length of work-zones on road section level up to an optimized maintenance program on road network level. The paper gives an overview of the methodic approach of this LCC - framework with regard to existing PMS - Systems in Austria.

Pavement Management; flexible; rigid; LCC - Framework

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