N. Dastbaravardeh, M. Schnürch, M.D. Mihovilovic:
"Ruthenium(II)-Catalyzed sp3 C-H Bond Arylation of Benzylic Amines Using Aryl Halides";
Organic Letters, 14 (2012), S. 3792 - 3795.

Kurzfassung englisch:
A ruthenium(II)-catalyzed protocol for the direct arylation of benzylic amines was developed. Employing 3-substituted pyridines as directing groups, arylation was achieved using aryl bromides or aryl iodides as the aryl source. Potassium pivalate proved to be an important additive in this transformation. The arylation took place selectively in the benzylic sp3 position, and no significant competitive sp2 arylation was obsd. Arylated imines were obsd. as byproducts in minor amts. Addnl., reaction conditions for cleaving the pyridine group were established, enabling access to bis-arylated methylamines.

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