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B. Gröll, M.D. Mihovilovic, M. Schnürch:
"Selective Ru(0)-catalyzed deuteration of electron-rich and electron-poor nitrogen-containing heterocycles";
Journal of Organic Chemistry, 77 (2012), 8; 4432 - 4437.

English abstract:
A highly selective Ru3(CO)12-catalyzed deuteration method using t-BuOD as deuterium source is reported. Electron-rich and electron-poor N-heteroarenes such as indoles, azaindoles, deazapurines, benzimidazole, quinolines, isoquinolines, and pyridines were efficiently deuterated at specific positions with high selectivity; in most cases, deuterium incorporation was close to the theor. possible values. To further increase deuteration degrees, several cycles of the reaction protocol can be carried out which gave superior deuteration degrees employing a much lower excess of deuterating agent compared to established protocols. It was proved that the same protocol can in principle be applied to tritiation reactions important for radioactive labeling of bioactive mols.

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