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A. Kolbitsch:
"Maintenance and Rehabilitation of 19th Century Masonry Buildings - Life Cycle Aspects";
Talk: 3th International Symposium on Life-Cycle Civil Engineering (IALCCE 2012), Vienna (invited); 2012-10-03 - 2012-10-06; in: "Life-Cycle and Sustainability of Civil Infrastructure Systems", 2013 Taylor & Francis Group, (2012), ISBN: 978-0-415-62126-7; 152 - 156.

English abstract:
In Central European cities a considerable high percentage of the existing building stock was
constructed during the second half of the 19th century in the so called period of promoterism. Considering the
(further) life cycle costs of refurbished buildings of this age the knowledge of the remaining lifetime of the
load-bearing construction is one of the essential input parameters.

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