M.N. Durakbasa, P. Demircioglu, I. Bogrekci, G. Bas, A. Gunay Bulutsuz:
"Assessment of machining with uncoated and coated end mills and determining surface topography using 2D fast Fourier transform";
International Journal of Nanomanufacturing, Vol.8 (2012), 5/6; S. 493 - 507.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Abstract: In this study, surface characteristics of coatings were investigated, the effects of coatings on surfaces of the cutting tools were determined via investigation of uncoated version of the coated tools. Uncoated and nano multilayer coated tools were used. In the coating process, coated tools were deposited by using the Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD). The orthogonal cutting processes are performed with two cutting tools with different coating specifications at the cutting speed of 220 m/min, 5800 rpm, feed rate of 4600 mm/min (Vf), depth of cut of 0.5 mm (Ap), 3.5 mm (Ae). This study focuses on establishing a methodology for the surface roughness characterization by managing an evaluation process after comparison of both experimental measurements utilizing the stylus profilometer and the digital microscope, and also image processing technique, Fast Fourier Transform (FFT). The aim of this scientific paper is to assess the surface topography of both uncoated and coated cutting end mills. The results showed that the surface roughness of coated cutting tool stayed reasonably constant while those of uncoated cutting tool changed drastically. Cutting edge of uncoated cutting tool was worn out during machining (about 2 mm width and 0.5 mm depth) while that of coated cutting tool remained its original shape almost the same after 25 min. The results from image processing agreed with those from roughness measurement technique. It can be concluded that micro/nano scale measurement techniques combined with image processing technique establish an improved evaluation methodology for the surface of the high precision milling tools.

Cutting parameters, Fast Fourier Transform, Image processing, Nanocoating, Surface roughness, Uncoated and coated end mills

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