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A. Ovsianikov, J. Torgersen, X.H. Qin, Z. Li, S Mühleder, W Holnthoner, R. Liska, J. Stampfl:
"Engineering 3D cell-culture matrices with femtosecond laserinduced photochemistry";
Keynote Lecture: 5. Wiener Biomaterialsymposium, Wien (invited); 11-19-2012 - 11-21-2012; in: "Abstracts 5th Biomaterialsymposium Vienna", (2012), 15 - 16.

English abstract:
Hydrogels are stable cross-linked hydrophilic polymeric networks similar to body tissue and can serve as suitable matrices for cell encapsulation and culture. Additive manufacturing techniques (AMT) show great potential to tailor the 3D shape of these tissue substitutes for their appropriate function as scaffold for cell proliferation and differentiation. However, common AMT alone cannot meet the requirements of mimicking the complexity of the natural environment. Two-photon polymerization (2PP), in contrast, has the ability to overcome this limitation. However, due to the lack of suitable biocompatible monomers and water-soluble 2PP initiators, the fabrication of hydrogel scaffolds out of water-based formulations is challenging.
Here we introduce photo-sensitive hydrogels based on synthetic (PEGda) and natural monomers (Gelatine Hydrolisate, Bovine Serum Albumin). Using novel water-soluble 2PP initiators (4,4-dialkylamino bis(styryl)benzene core), complex 3D constructs can be fabricated reproducibly in biocompatible environments with high water contents. In this talk, we will present the feasibility and potential of two-photon polymerization for the bio-fabrication of 3D tissue constructs directly in the presence of living tissue.

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