Publications in Scientific Journals:

E. Bodewits, R. Hoeckstra, K. Dobes, F. Aumayr:
"Kinetic-energy-driven enhancement of secondary-electron yields of highly charged ions impinging on thin films of C60 on Au";
Physical Review A, 86 (2012), 0629041 - 0629046.

English abstract:
The secondary electron yields as a result of slowhighly charged ions (Ar4+
,Ar13+) impinging on clean Au(111),
highly oriented pyrolitic graphite, and thin films of C60 on Au are presented. In order to investigate the dynamics
of the neutralization of the highly charged ions in front of the surface, angular scans have been performed. The
results give a clear indication that the observed increase in electron yield seen on C60 compared to Au stems
from kinetic-energy-driven processes and not from processes driven by the potential energy carried by the highly
charged ion.

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