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U. Bletterie, K. Schilling, L. Delgado, M. Zessner:
"Ozonation as a Post-Treatment Step for Tannery Wastewater to Reduce Foam Formation in a River";
Ozone Science & Engineering, 34 (2012), 5; 397 - 404.

English abstract:
Foam formation in a transboundary river, accompanied by
protests of local stakeholders, made it necessary to investigate
measures to quantify and reduce foam formation. It was
previously reported that 80% of the occurring foam formation
was provided by three tanneries. Therefore, laboratory-
scale experiments were run with wastewater from the
three tanneries for six months to investigate the influence of
ozonation and biological post-treatment on foam formation.
Ozonation with biological post-treatment showed a significant
positive effect, with up to 50% additional COD reduction
and the elimination of > 70% of the foam formation on river
catchment scale. Biological post-treatment alone did not show
any effect on the foam formation. The new legal standards for
tannery wastewater can be kept at the investigated tanneries
through ozonation and biological post-treatment.

Ozone, COD Reduction, IndustrialWastewater, Surface Tension

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