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H. Böck, Y. Hasegawa, E. Jericha, G. Steinhauser, M. Villa:
"The Past and the Future of the TRIGA Reactor Vienna";
Vortrag: 20th International Conference Nuclear Energy for New Europe 2011, Bovec, Slowenien (eingeladen); 12.09.2011 - 15.09.2011; in: "Nuclear Energy for New Europe 2011", I. Jencic (Hrg.); (2012), ISBN: 978-961-6207-32-4; Paper-Nr. 402, 9 S.

Kurzfassung englisch:
During the past five decades the TRIGA reactor Vienna has reached a top place in utilization among low power research reactors. This paper summarizes the research highlights of the past and offers an outlook to the years ahead.

TRIGA reactor, neutron interferometry, neutron optics, ultra-small-angle neutron scattering, radiochemistry, safeguards, nuclear security

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