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R. Fayzrakhmanov:
"WPPS: A framework for web page processing";
Talk: The 13th International Conference on Web Information Systems Engineering (WISE 2012), Paphos, Cypros; 2012-11-28 - 2012-11-30; in: "Lecture Notes of Computer Science", X. S. Wang, I. Cruz, A. Delis, G. Huang (ed.); 7651 (2012), ISBN: 978-3-642-35062-7; 800 - 803.

English abstract:
In this paper, we present WPPS, a new configurable Java-based framework for developing web page processing methods. The key innovations of WPPS are 1) a unified ontological model which describes the visual representation of web pages; 2) an API and abstractions which allow the application of both declarative and object-oriented mechanisms to develop new methods and approaches.

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