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C. Adam, R. Heuer, F. Ziegler:
"Reliable dynamic analysis of an uncertain compound bridge under traffic loads";
Acta Mechanica, 223 (2012), 1567 - 1581.

English abstract:
In this paper the dynamic response of compound bridges under moving loads is analyzed. The main
structure is modeled as a two-layer beam consisting of a steel girder connected elastically to the concrete
deck. The governing sixth-order partial differential equation of motion of the homogenized beam is extended
to include uncertainty in the mechanical property of the interface. The slip modulus is considered to be a
random variable, whose probability density function is considered to be zero outside of a given interval, that
is, it is a member of a fuzzy set with bounded uncertainty. The analysis of the illustrative problem is based on
the interval representation with a triangular membership function of the slip modulus assigned. Membership
functions of the random natural frequencies are determined. Both, fuzzy peak deflection and acceleration are
derived for a single-span compound bridge subjected to a single moving load as well as to a series of repetitive
moving loads traveling with constant speed.

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