Diploma and Master Theses (authored and supervised):

A. Körner:
"Analyse und Simulation dynamischer Systeme in Simulink mit Web-Interface";
Supervisor: F. Breitenecker; Institut für Analysis und Scientific Computing, 2012; final examination: 2012-06-14.

English abstract:
This thesis is about a mathematical description of the simulation environment Simulink. It starts with the definition and the characterisation of graphs and their extension to signal flow
graphs. This mathematical background is necessary to understand the model description in Simulink.
The next part of the thesis consists of the system theory for characterising continuous and discrete linear time invariant systems. This theory combined with signal ow graphs is used to specify these systems. Furthermore the theory of numerical solutions for ordinary differential equations is introduced which is used to consider numerical simulations. These numerical methods are fundamentally to simulate linear and nonlinear systems in Simulink.
Based on the theoretical background the simulation environment Simulink and its models are introduced and the con guration of simulation parameters is studied.
The closing chapter describes the implementation of Simulink at the MATLAB{based MMT{Server which o ers a web{interface to make interactive experiments in a natural scienti c and technological setting.

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