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T. Reinbacher, M Függer, J. Brauer:
"Real-Time Runtime Verification on Chip";
Talk: RV 2012: the 3rd International Conference on Runtime Verification, Istanbul; 2012-09-25 - 2012-09-28; in: "Proc. of RV 2012: the 3rd International Conference on Runtime Verification", LNCS / Springer, 7687 (2012).

English abstract:
We present an algorithmic framework that allows on-line monitoring of past-time MTL specifications in a discrete time setting. The algorithms allow to be synthesized into efficient observer hardware blocks, which take advantage of the highly-parallel nature of hardware designs. For the time-bounded Since operator of past-time MTL we obtain a time complexity that is double logarithmic in the time it is executed at and the given time bounds of the Since operator. This result is promising with respect to a non-interfering monitoring approach that evaluates real-time specifications during the execution of the system-under-test. The resulting hardware blocks are reconfigurable and have applications in prototyping and runtime verification of embedded real-time systems.

Related Projects:
Project Head Andreas Steininger:
Framework für CounterExample Validierung und Testfallgenerierung für die Verifikation von eingebetteter Software

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