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A. Spindler, P. Vanrolleghem:
"Dynamic mass balancing for wastewater treatment data quality control using CUSUM charts";
Water Science and Technology, 65 (2012), 12; 2148 - 2153.

English abstract:
Mass balancing is a widely used tool for data quality control in wastewater treatment. It can effectively detect systematic errors in data. To overcome the limitations of the mean balancing error
as a measure of data quality, a well established method for statistical process control (the CUSUM chart) is adopted for application on the error vector of balancing data. Two examples show how time periods with stable low mass balancing errors can be detected by the method. The detectability of such time periods depends on the variability of the balancing error which is an important measure for the precision of the data.

data quality control, fault detection, mass balancing, statistical process control

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