N. Hassan, J. Stelzl, P. Weinberger, G. Molnar, A. Bousseksou, F. Kubel, K. Mereiter, R. Boca, W. Linert:
"Spectroscopic, structural and magnetic inverstigations of iron(II) complexes based on 1-isopropyl- and 1-isobutyl-substituted tetrazole ligands";
Inorganica Chimica Acta, 396 (2013), S. 92 - 100.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Two partly new [Fe(intz)6](BF4)2 complexes with n = 3 and 4 (i3tz = 1-isopropyl-1H-tetrazole, i4tz = 1-isobutyl-
1H-tetrazole) were synthesized and characterised by X-ray powder diffraction, magnetic susceptibility
measurements, vibrational, electronic and 57Fe-Mößbauer spectroscopy as well as DSC. The
[Fe(i3tz)6](BF4)2 complex was re-investigated and shows an incomplete spin transition at Tc 109 K,
while the [Fe(i4tz)6](BF4)2 features a complete but rather gradual spin transition with T½ = 223 K. In
the lack of suitable crystals of [Fe(intz)6](BF4)2 with n = 3 and 4, we synthesized crystals of [Ni(intz)6]
(BF4)2 with n = 3 and 4, determined their X-ray crystal structures, and proved them to be homeotypic
with the respective Fe-complexes by X-ray powder diffraction. DSC measurements showed an endothermic
peak for the [Fe(i3tz)6](BF4)2 around T = 260 K not corresponding to a spin transition and suggesting a
structural phase transition at this temperature. A well-developed peak at Tp = 225 K matches the spintransition
temperature T½ = 223 K for [Fe(i4tz)6](BF4)2.

Iron(II) spin-crossover, 1-Isoalkyl-tetrazole, SQUID, Variable temperature IR spectroscopy, 57Fe-Mößbauer spectroscopy, Variable temperature UV-Vis-NIR spectroscopy

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