A. Hallenberger, M. Urschitz, I. Müller-Hansen, S. Miksch, A. Seyfang, W. Horn, C. Poets:
"Automatic Control of the Inspired Oxygen Fraction in Preterm Infants. Preliminary Results of a Multicenter Randomized Cross-Over Trial";
Archives Of Disease In Childhood, 97 (2012), Suppl 2; S. A117.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Background and Aims. In preterm infants receiving supplemental oxygen, manual control of the inspired oxygen fraction is often time-consuming and inappropriate. We developed a system for automatic oxygen control (FiO2-Controller) and hypothesized that this system is more effective than routine manual oxygen control in maintaining target arterial oxygen saturation levels.

Methods. We performed a multicenter randomized controlled cross-over clinical trial in preterm infants receiving mechanical ventilation or nasal continuous positive airway pressure and supplemental oxygen. Periods with routine manual oxygen control (period 1) were compared to periods of routine manual oxygen control supported by the FiO2-Controller (period 2).

Results. Preliminary results including 18 patients are presented. The median (range) percentage of time with arterial oxygen saturation levels within target range (90-95%) was 59.3% (37.9-99.5) for period 1, and 69.4% (43.8-95.4) for period 2. Final analysis including significance testing is pending.

Conclusions. Automatic oxygen control may improve oxygen administration to preterm infants receiving mechanical ventilation or nasal continuous positive airway pressure.

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