M.N. Durakbasa, P.H. Osanna, G. Bas:
"Intelligent Design and Advanced Metrology to Support and Improve Integrated Management Systems for Quality, Environment and Energy in Production Engineering";
Quality-Access to Success, Vol.13, S5, November 2012 (2012), S. 17 - 22.

Kurzfassung englisch:
ABSTRACT: Adequate knowledge in the areas of intelligent metrology and design are important presuppositions to achieve waste
free production and low costs of manufacturing and accuracy at the same time within the sophisticated production systems. This is of
extreme importance in present time of worldwide international competition in industry and production engineering and at the same
time increasingly higher costs of energy and raw material.
The prescription and consumption of material and energy to achieve the necessary and required workpiece accuracy in series
manufacturing depends to a great extent from the (geometrical) workpiece tolerances of any kind (roughness, form, positional,
dimensional) which are prescribed for the production and the fulfilment of these tolerances and therefore for the function of the
produced workpieces and their fitness for practical application and none the less of the economy of production altogether. This
requirement is of great importance at the time being which is characterized as described above.
The problematic of the high accuracy of the work pieces in modern industrial production technique gained in the last years more and
more importance through constantly increasing demands on the quality of the produced part as well as of the production processes.
On the other hand important charge of the environment, reduced availability of natural resources and the increasing growth of waste
require new concepts and strategies to recycle technical consumer goods as there are household instruments, consumer electronics
and passenger cars - instead of land filling, burning or steel production a high potential of recycling is necessary.

Production metrology, Nanometrology, Integrated management system (IMS), Quality management (QM), Environmental management (EM), Energy management EnM, Geometrical Product Specifications and Verification (GPS)

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