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G. Brantner, G. Fuchs, A. Schirrer, S. Jakubek:
"A Detalied Nonlinear Dynamic Model of a 3-DOF Laboratory Helicopter for Control Design";
Vortrag: MATHMOD 2012 - 7th Vienna International Conference on Mathematical Modelling, Wien/AT; 15.02.2012 - 17.02.2012; in: "Preprints Mathmod 2012 Vienna - Full Paper Volume", I. Troch, F. Breitenecker (Hrg.); Argesim / Asim, 38 (2012), S. 51 - 52.

Kurzfassung englisch:
This work investigates the model of a 3-DOF laboratory helicopter, which constitutes a highly nonlinear system. For this model, advanced control concepts are developed and applied. In the beginning, the equations of motion are derived from a physical modeling approach. The
modeling procedure yields highly nonlinear di erential equations, from which linear state space systems are derived for arbitrary operating points. The major part of this work consists of the development of di erent linear and non-linear control architectures. At rst, a classic state vector feedback controller with integration of the control error is implemented. Based on the system parameters of the linearized model, a gain scheduling approach is developed using one
of the degrees of freedom as scheduling parameter. The gain scheduling application uses both discrete operating points as well as one possible continuous scheduling through interpolation.
Additionally, a flatness-based feedforward controller architecture is added for transient set point changes using linear and nonlinear inverse dynamics. The control performance is validated in its dynamical and steady-state behavior. Finally, the previously derived approaches are tested on the actual helicopter.

Control applications, Modelling, Feedforward compensation, Nonlinear models, Linearization, Flatness

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