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M. Pohl, S. Wiltner, S. Miksch, W. Aigner, A. Rind:
"Analysing Interactivity in Information Visualisation";
KI - Künstliche Intelligenz, 26 (2012), 2; 151 - 159.

English abstract:
Modern information visualisation systems do
not only support interactivity but also increasingly com-
plex problem solving. In this study we compare two
interactive information visualisation systems: VisuEx-
plore and Gravi++. By analysing logfiles we were able
to identify sets of activities and interaction patterns
users followed while working with these systems. These
patterns are an indication of strategies users adopt to
find solutions. Identifying such patterns may help in
improving the design of future information visualisa-
tion systems.

evaluation, information visualisation, problem solving, software logging

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