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S. Gaggl:
"A Comprehensive Analysis of the cf2 Argumentation Semantics: From Characterization to Implementation";
Poster: Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Doctoral Consortium (KR-DC), Rome, Italy; 2012-06-10 - 2012-06-14.

English abstract:
Recently, the cf2 semantics for abstract argumentation attracted specific attention. In contrast to most other semantics, the cf2 semantics does not require the notion of defense, but is based on maximal conflict-free (or naive) sets. Therefore, it is capable to select arguments out of odd-length cycles. Furthermore, the maximality criterion of the naive sets ensures reasonable solutions. The SCC-recursive schema, where the cf2 semantics is defined in, guarantees that some specific evaluation criteria, like directionality, weak- and CF- reinstatement, are fulfilled.
Due to the quite complicated definition of this semantics it has somehow been neglected in the literature. An alternative characterization of this semantics, which we present here, will facilitate further steps including complexity analysis, investigation of redundant patterns and implementations like Answer-set Programming (ASP) encodings.

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