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S. Tauböck, F. Breitenecker, D. Wiegand, G. Hodecek:
"Developing a multihybrid system to simulate a university campus";
in: "The 24th European Modeling and Simulation Symposium", F. Breitenecker, A. Bruzzone, E. Jimenez, F. Longo, Y. Merkuryev, B. Sokolov (Hrg.); DIME Università di Genova, Rende, 2012, ISBN: 978-88-97999-09-6, S. 537 - 542.

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The main focus of this work lies in developing a simulation system that can represent several different points of view in the world defined by a university campus. The primary focus is on the utilization of spaces as well as the capacity utilization and the ability to test different measures to i mprove both. But these
measures should have no negative impact on the quality of the university teaching from the students´ point of view.

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