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G. Kolmayr:
"Lucky Vienna -The City's Housing Provision and How its Image is Cultivated";
Talk: ENHR Conference 2012, Lillehammer; 2012-06-24 - 2012-06-26.

German abstract:
Continually evolving and adapting to ever-new demands for decades, Viennese social housing provision has
developed into a powerful and sophisticated system able to compete with the commercial market segment. The
city enjoys low rent levels at high quality standards and little social segregation. Today, however, Vienna's
housing policy faces severe challenges that threaten the future supply of affordable housing. 'Lucky Vienna'
presents material gathered from a media survey of publications on housing issues. It argues that Vienna's social
housing system has established sophisticated means of promoting its various undertakings and achievements to
the city and its inhabitants. An array of publications serves to inspire confidence and drown critical voices. The
latter have become increasingly alarmist concerning the issue of housing expenses and have created an uneasy
gap between the official depiction and the critical perception of Viennese

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