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G. Bas, P. Demircioglu, M.N. Durakbasa, P.H. Osanna:
"A nanometrological management approach to assess the profile and the surface characteristics of the end milling tools by multi-measurement analysis";
Vortrag: IMEKO XX World Congress International Measurement Confederation, Busan, Korea; 09.09.2012 - 14.09.2012; in: "Proceedings of XX IMEKO World Congress International Measurement Confederation", (2012), ISBN: 978-89-950000-5-2; 6 S.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Abstract: The competitive machining industry requires
modern milling tools and their flexible, high quality and
powerful industrial implementations. The main factors
effecting the operational quality of the end milling tools are
tool material, coating and edge geometry. This study
represents the assessment of the coating and the surface
characteristics of the end milling tools by contact (stylus
profilograph) and non-contact mode nanometrological
devices (digital microscope, 3D laser scanner) to establish a
methodology to assess the micro/nanogeometry of the
coated and uncoated tools with an effort to predict the
surface roughness effect. This approach introduces a wide
application of knowledge extraction to supervise the end
milling operation by ensuring the operational quality of the
tools where high accuracy and good quality surface is

End milling tool, coating, surface characteristics, roughness, quality, environment

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