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M. Erol, M. Yurddaskal, S. Yildirim, O. Mermer, G. Bas, M. Cakmakci, M.N. Durakbasa, E. Celik:
"Nanometric measurement of the pre nano scale tio2 powders via flame spray pyrolysis: synthesis, properties and photocatalytical decomposition of methylen blue";
Vortrag: IMEKO XX World Congress International Measurement Confederation, Busan, Korea; 09.09.2012 - 14.09.2012; in: "IMEKO XX World Congress International Measurement Confederatio", (2012), ISBN: 978-89-950000-5-2; 6 S.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Abstract: In this study, nanometric measurement of the
TiO2 powders were analysed that were synthesized via flame
spray pyrolysis for photocatalytic decomposition process.
Continues increase of new metrological demands have
enabled to fulfill the highest demand in measurement
resolution. In order to obtain crystalline structure, the
produced powders were post-annealed at 600oC after flame
spray pyrolysis process. The phase structure was analyzed
by x-ray diffractometer (XRD). Particle size of the powders
was determined using particle size analyzer. The
morphology and accurate size of the primary particles were
further investigated by several devices in order to illuminate
the particle size, phase structure, morphology and
photocatalytic properties

Nanomeasurement, Nano scale TiO2 powders, Flame spray pyrolysis, Photocatalytic decomposition, Nano particle, Environmental Management

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