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T. Angeli, R Talla, E. Fomina, N. Barta, H Tschan, N Bachl, I.B. Kozlovskaya:
"Mars 500: Training and Diagnostic with a Multifunctional Dynamometer for Application in Space";
Talk: Life in Space for Life on Earth Symposium 2012, Aberdeen, United Kingdom; 2012-06-18 - 2012-06-22; in: "Life in Space for Life on Earth Symposium 2012", (2012), 65 - 66.

English abstract:
The Multifunctional Dynamometer for Application in Space (MDS) was developed to inhibit the muscle and bone loss during microgravity. The MDS was included in the "Mars-500" project. The "Mars-500" project has been conducted by the Institute for Bio-Medical Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Roscosmos. This project included a series of experiments simulating some aspects of an interplanetary manned flight. The MDS was part of these experiments which were performed in this long-term isolation of a crew in conditions of a specially built ground-based experiment facility.
The MDS was first used in the 105-day-experiment where 6 participants were divided in three teams. Each team was performing exercises on the MDS for one month. The other two months other exercise regimens were tested. Before and during the isolation isometric tests were performed on the MDS.
In the 520-day-isolation another crew of 6 participants was again divided in three teams. Each team was conducting a work out according to a training schedule for 70 days. In addition other training regimes were tested in the remaining period. Isometric and isokinetic tests have been carried out before the isolation and every 35 days during the isolation. Results will be presented and discussed.

Mars 500, training, diagnostic, MDS

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