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R Talla, G. Adamcik, N. Barta, I.B. Kozlovskaya, H Tschan, N Bachl, T. Angeli:
"New Training and Diagnostic Strategies to Counteract Muscle and Bone Loss in Microgravity";
Poster: Life in Space for Life on Earth Symposium 2012, Aberdeen, United Kingdom; 2012-06-18 - 2012-06-22; in: "Life in Space for Life on Earth Symposium 2012", (2012), 126.

English abstract:
The Multifunctional Dynamometer for Application in Space (MDS) is a project with the aim to develop a training and diagnostic device that counteracts the muscle and bone loss during long term space flights.
Exercise regimens used in space up to now could show to be feasible in supporting certain physiological parameters but have not been very effective in slowing bone atrophy. It is considered that the loading intensity might not have been high enough with these countermeasures. A certain magnitude of strain is thought to be necessary to preserve the structure of the bone or trigger an anabolic stimulus. The highest forces acting on bones are transmitted by muscles. The MDS offers a variety of exercises with the main focus on the lower extremities and the trunk and is able to generate sufficient training forces by using an electrical motor. Force, position and speed of the training bar can be controlled which enables different training modes. It is known that muscles are able to generate even higher forces during eccentric contraction. Results of previous investigations suggest that eccentric training has a higher osteogenic effect than concentric training. The realisation of eccentric muscle training is one of the additional options with the MDS. Furthermore isokinetic training, isometric training and training with programmable force-length functions as well as the simulation of training with weights in microgravity is possible. A further advantage of the application of these different training modes is that the variation of stimuli elicits a wider training effect. Moreover the MDS provides a comprehensive analysis including isokinetic strength tests which might can also improve the compliance and motivation of the user. The MDS was implemented in the MARS 500 project.

Training, Diagnostic, Muscle, Bone Loss, Microgravity, MDS

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