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G. Fitzpatrick:
"Health IT for care at home - new challenges for design and evaluation";
Talk: University of Leeds, Leeds (invited); 2012-05-16.

English abstract:
Technology is seen as the critical enabler for moving care out of clinical settings into patients´ hands and homes, and for empowering people to be active in their own health and well-being. However it is not a simple matter of moving technologies from one setting to the other. Rather it presents a radically different design space for health IT and for health practice, and sets up new challenges for design and evaluation. By way of case study examples, I will explore some of the implications for how we conceptualise notions of patient, clinician, care and home. Who we think technologies are for, how we design for them, and what we evaluate, matters if we are to design technologies that really fit into people´s lives and deliver value to both patients and their care providers.

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