Publications in Scientific Journals:

N. Ferro, R. Berendsen, A. Hanbury, M. Lupu, V. Petras, M. de Rijke, G. Silvello et al.:
"PROMISE retreat report prospects and opportunities for information access evaluation";
SIGIR Forum, 46 (2012), 2; 60 - 84.

English abstract:
The PROMISE network of excellence organized a two-days brainstorming workshop on 30th and 31st May 2012 in Padua, Italy, to discuss and envisage future directions and perspectives for the evaluation of information access and retrieval systems in multiple languages and multiple media. This document reports on the outcomes of this event and provides details about the six envisaged research lines: search applications; contextual evaluation; challenges in test collection design and exploitation; component-based evaluation; ongoing evaluation; and signal-aware evaluation. The ultimate goal of the PROMISE retreat is to stimulate and involve the research community along these research lines and to provide funding agencies with effective and scientifically sound ideas for coordinating and supporting information access research.

information retrieval, evaluation

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