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G. Wurzer:
"In-process agent simulation for early stages of hospital planning";
Mathematical and Computer Modelling of Dynamical Systems, 19 (2013), 4; 331 - 343.

English abstract:
In the early stages of hospital planning, work processes are typically modelled in a static manner by using flow charts or business process modelling notation as means. Diagrams of this kind are easily simulated; however, employed process engines lack possibilities for dealing with dynamic aspects of the process which depend on the building layout (e.g. elevators, behaviour of automatic delivery carts). If one could give planners the opportunity to employ dynamic entities without having to change their usual workflow, one of the benefits would be that they are not being forced to resort to naive assumptions (e.g. 15 seconds per floor) that are still commonplace in today´s planning practice. As another contribution, we show how agent-based simulation can be used as an analysis tool by using the state of the process simulation to generate arrivals.

hospital planning, functional design, process simulation, agent-based simulation, hybrid simulation

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