Talks and Poster Presentations (with Proceedings-Entry):

B. Fritz, V. S. Veeravalli, A. Steininger:
"Reliable Gateway for Radiation Experiments on a VLSI Chip";
Poster: Austrochip 2012, Graz, Austria; 2012-10-10; in: "Austrochip 2012", (2012), 65 - 70.

English abstract:
We report on the design of a gateway component be- tween a target chip for radiation experiments and a host PC on which the experimental data are collected and pro- cessed. The most outstanding requirements in the design are (a) fast and efficient readout of measurement data from the chip under radiation, and (b) fault tolerance. Both these requirements originate in the need to prevent loss of precious experiment data either through undesired upsets caused by the radiation source during the readout phase, or through accidental faults in the gateway and its inter- faces. We present concept, implementation and evaluation of an FPGA-based solution for this gateway that can trans- fer the data sufficiently fast via lean, efficient interfaces and exhibits a sufficient degree of fault tolerance through triplication of transfer and storage.

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