Talks and Poster Presentations (with Proceedings-Entry):

V. S. Veeravalli, A. Steininger:
"LFSR Implementation Using C-Elements";
Talk: MEMICS 2012, Znjomo, Czechia; 2012-10-25 - 2012-10-28; in: "MEMICS 2012", (2012), 73 - 83.

English abstract:
Linear Feedback Shift Registers (LFSRs) are commonly built from a chain of flip flops with XOR based feedback on selected positions within this chain. They are fundamental building blocks in many security related applications, but also allow building fast and area-efficient counters. In this paper we investigate, whether an LFSR can also be built using asynchronous storage elements like a Muller C-Element, rather than from flip flops. This may leverage some of the benefits usually associated with asynchronous designs. Starting from a very straightforward transformation we elaborate a circuit design that indeed behaves like an LFSR. By means of analog-level simulations we show that this novel circuit has competitive speed and requires fewer transistors than its equivalent flip-flop based implementation.

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