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V. S. Veeravalli, A. Steininger:
"Efficient Radiation-Hardening of a Muller C-Element";
Talk: 2012 Single Event Effects Symposium (SEE 2012), San Diego, USA; 2012-04-03 - 2012-04-05; in: "2012 Single Event Effects Symposium", (2012).

English abstract:
The main theme of this paper is to present an efficient radiation tolerant Muller C-Element (MCE). We are at present designing an ASIC to experimentally investigate single event transients (SETs) in different types of combinational (NAND/NOR tree, XNOR tree, Inverter chain, etc.) and sequential (Flip-Flop chains, etc.) circuits. For measuring the length of SETs, SET sensitivity and SET propagation we need an on-chip infrastructure (reference and error counters) to capture and preprocess the data before transferring them to a host computer. This infrastructure will be exposed to the same radiation sources as the target circuits; therefore it needs to be radiation tolerant. As a part of infrastructure we employ Up/Down Counters built with MCEs, hence the analysis.

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