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C. Lemell, J. Burgdörfer, S. Gräfe, K. Dimitriou, D. Arbó, X.-M. Tong:
"Classical-quantum correspondence in atomic ionization by midinfrared pulses: Multiple peak and interference structures";
Physical Review A, 87 (2013), 013421-1 - 013421-9.

English abstract:
Atomic ionization by strong and ultrashort laser pulses with frequencies in the midinfrared spectral region have revealed novel features such as the low-energy structures. We have performed fully three-dimensional quantum dynamical as well as classical trajectory Monte Carlo simulations for pulses with wavelengths from λ=2000 to 6000 nm. Furthermore, we apply distorted-wave quantum approximations. This allows to explore the quantum-classical correspondence as well as the (non) perturbative character of the ionization dynamics driven by long-wavelength pulses. We observe surprisingly rich structures in the differential energy and angular momentum distribution which sensitively depend on λ, the pulse duration τp, and the carrier-envelope phase ϕCEP.

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Project Head Stefanie Gräfe:
Korrelierte Elektronendynamik in ultrakurzen, starken mehr-Farben Laserfeldern

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