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M. Samwald, M. Kritz, M. Gschwandtner, V. Stefanov, A. Hanbury:
"Towards an open, trustworthy and multilingual search engine for medical practitioners: News from the European Khresmoi project";
Talk: eHealth 2011, Wien; 2011-05-26 - 2011-05-27; in: "eHealth2011: Health Informatics meets eHealth - von der Wissenschaft zur Anwendung und zurück Grenzen überwinden - Continuity of Care", G. Schreier, D. Hayn, E. Ammenwerth (ed.); OCG, 279 (2011), ISBN: 385403279x; ##.

English abstract:
Medical practitioners often have unmet information needs that impact patient care. However,
currently available web-based search engines are not suitable for routine use. Finding relevant
information takes too long, assessing the trustworthiness of found information is difficult, and
support for the heterogeneity of languages and nomenclature across European countries is lacking.
In this paper, we analyze the current barriers to web-based searching by medical practitioners and
introduce the European Khresmoi project, which aims to dismantle these barriers.

Medical Practice, Information Retrieval, Semantic Technologies, Decision Support, Multilinguality

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