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H. Tellioglu:
"Some thoughts on knowledge management";
Talk: NordiCHI2012, Copenhagen, Denmark; 2012-10-14 - 2012-10-17; in: "NordiCHI2012", (2012), 1 - 4.

English abstract:
In this paper we try to understand certain characteristics of
knowledge management by discussing it in interoperation
with other management disciplines. To do so, we focus
on different aspects in organizations, like processes, people,
structures, control, and artifacts. Our goal is to understand
the complex setting in which we try to introduce approaches
for knowledge management. We study the relation between
creating and maintaining different types of knowledge, the
possibilities for volatility and changes in an organizational
context, and the ways how to manage knowledge. Furthermore
we discuss how knowledge management is connected
to process, IT, and change management.

Knowledge Management; Human Factors

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