Wissenschaftliche Berichte:

M. Bernhart:
"Towards Differential-Based Continuous Code Reviews";
Bericht für Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation; 2012; 34 S.

Kurzfassung englisch:
This is a summary paper of the visiting research at the MIT Complex Systems Research Lab1 of Prof. Nancy Leveson2 to apply, elaborate and evaluate the current results (method and tool) of the objective dissertation Towards Differential-Based Continuous Code Reviews in the context of aviation specific software engineering projects.
Software reviews are an integral part of critical software engineering projects. Traditional approaches are acknowledged as effective, but not very efficient quality assurance techniques. In the course of this dissertation a method and tool for fine-grained process-integrative software code inspections were designed and implemented. The continuous approach with appropriate tool support shall reduce the effort of a rigorous application of software code reviews. At the same time the traceability shall be improved.
The technical framework is the de-facto standard for code review tools build for the popular open-source integrated development environment Eclipse3. An international developer community especially from Austria, Germany, USA and Canada is established and works actively on the further develop- ment and improvement of the framework. The broad usage of the framework and tool is an indicator for the validity of the approach.
In the course of the visiting research the method and tool are be applied, elaborated and evaluated in a safety critical context. The first chapter summarizes the application context and the second chapter describes the evaluation methodology.

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