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M. Chiogna, A. Mahdavi, R. Albatici, A. Frattari:
"Energy efficiency of alternative lighting control systems";
Lighting Research & Technology, 44 (2012), 4; 397 - 415.

English abstract:
Due to new European standrads and requirements for energy performance in non-residential buildings, it is important to explore and quantify the benefits of intelligent (automated) energy-efficient operating systems relative to conventional (manual) systems. This paper explores the energy performance of an automated lighting control system under realistic conditions in two groups of lecture rooms that have the same shape, dimensions and exposure. The results demonstrate that the use of automated systems for electric lighting control can improve the energy performance of the system between 40% and 65% depending on the compelxity of the system and the parameters under control.

German abstract:
none - see english abstract

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