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R. Ritter, R.A. Wilhelm, M. Stöger-Pollach, R. Heller, A. Mücklich, U. Werner, H. Vieker, A. Beyer, S. Facsko, A. Gölzhäuser, F. Aumayr:
"Fabrication of nanopores in 1 nm thick carbon nanomembranes with slow highly charged ions";
Applied Physics Letters, 102 (2013), 6; 0631121 - 0631125.

English abstract:
We describe the use of slow highly charged ions as a simple tool for the fabrication of nanopores
with well-defined diameters typically between 10 and 20 nm in freestanding, 1 nm thick carbon
nanomembranes (CNMs). When CNMs are exposed to a flux of highly charged ions, for example
Xe40þ, each individual ion creates a circular nanopore, the size of which depends on the kinetic
and potential energy of the impinging ion. The controlled fabrication of nanopores with a uniform
size opens a path for the application of CNM based filters in nanobiotechnology. VC 2013 American
Institute of Physics.

Membranes, nanofabrication, nanoporous materials

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