Ch. Flamm, A. Graef, S. Pirker, Ch. Baumgartner, M. Deistler:
"Influence analysis for high-dimensional time series with an application to epileptic seizure onset zone detection";
Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 214 (2013), S. 80 - 90.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Granger causality is a useful concept for studying causal relations in networks. However, numerical
problems occur when applying the corresponding methodology to high-dimensional time series showing
co-movement, e.g. EEG recordings or economic data. In order to deal with these shortcomings, we propose
a novel method for the causal analysis of such multivariate time series based on Granger causality and
factor models. We present the theoretical background, successfully assess our methodology with the help
of simulated data and show a potential application in EEG analysis of epileptic seizures.

Granger causality, Factor model, Principal Component Analysis, EEG, Epilepsy, Onset zone detection

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