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J. Colom Ikuno, T. Jansen, T. Werthmann:
"Harmonization of LTE System Level Simulators Addressing Synthetic Simulation Scenarios";
Talk: 6th MC and Scientific Meeting of COST IC1004, Malaga, Spain; 02-06-2013 - 02-08-2013.

English abstract:
Quite some simulator models have been developed over the course of many research projects. Some
of them open source, most of them closed. However, few results are available where different simulators
are cross-compared. In this TD, we present our attempt at LTE system level simulator alignment. It aims
at defining common scenarios where system level simulators can be compared, exemplified with results
from the LTE simulator platforms from the TU Vienna, TU Braunschweig, and University of Stuttgart.
While this work will be extended to more realistic scenarios in the near future, it for now comprises a
simple single-cell scenario, aimed at validating the link-to-system model, and a hexagonal grid setup,
aimed at validating the interference modeling.

LTE, system level, validation

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