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M. Rezaeekheirabadi, M. Guillaud, F. Lindqvist:
"CSIT Sharing over Finite Capacity Backhaul for Spatial Interference Alignment";
Talk: IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT), Istanbul, Turkey; 07-07-2013 - 07-12-2013; in: "Proc. IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory", (2013), 5 pages.

English abstract:
Cellular systems that employ time division
duplexing (TDD) transmission are good candidates for imple-
mentation of interference alignment (IA) in the downlink since
channel reciprocity enables the estimation of the channel state
by the base stations (BS) in the uplink phase. However, the
interfering BSs need to share their channel estimates via backhaul
links of finite capacity. A quantization scheme is proposed
which reduces the amount of information exchange (compared to
conventional methods) required to achieve IA in such a system.
The scaling (with the transmit power) of the number of bits to
be exchanged between the BSs that is sufficient to preserve the
multiplexing gain of IA is derived.

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