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M. Volcic, J. Blieberger, A. Schöbel:
"Kronecker Algebra and its Broad Applications in Railway Systems";
Talk: EURO-ZEL 2013, Zilina; 2013-06-04 - 2013-06-05; in: "EURO-ZEL 2013: Recent Challenges for European Railways", University of Zilina, Zilina (2013), ISBN: 978-80-263-0380-0; 275 - 282.

English abstract:
Kronecker algebra consists of Kronecker product and Kronecker sum. It can be used
to model systems consisting of several actors and a number of limited resources. In particular,
it can be used to model railway systems consisting of trains, their routes in the system, and
track sections building up the railway infrastructure. In this paper we will show several
applications of Kronecker algebra in the railway domain. In particular, we consider: deadlock
analysis [1], travel time analysis [2], and energy analysis. Integrating all three types of analysis
within one single type of Kronecker-based analysis is rather simple and can be done very
efficiently. Our implementation is very efficient both in time and space. Kronecker algebra
operations can easily be parallelized and thus our implementation can fully take advantage of
today's multi-core computer architecture. In addition, our implementation shows that adding
constraints (connections, overtaking ...) to the problem improves execution time. In fact, a
harder problem is easier to solve.

Kronecker algebra, deadlock analysis, travel time analysis, energy analysis

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