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J.H. Sterba, M. Foster, M. Bichler, C. Vasilatos, M.G. Stamatakis:
"Analytical identification of a single source pumice from Greek shores and ancient sites in the Levant";
Hellenic Journal of Geosciences, 45 (2010), 293 - 298.

English abstract:
Alluvial pumice beds from Greek shores were investigated by INAA and compared to the pumice database compiled in the course of
the SCIEM2000 research programme. This database contains the compositional data on 25 quaternary volcanic eruptions in the Mediterranean region
that produced relevant amounts of pumice. The so-called chemical fingerprint, consisting of the concentrations of the elements As, Ba, Ce, Co,
Cr, Cs, Eu, Fe, Hf, K, La, Lu, Na, Nd, Rb, Sb, Sc, Sm, Ta, Tb, Th, U, Yb, Zn, and Zr is used to relate pumice to its source volcano. Thereby, a perfect
compositional agreement of the Greek alluvial pumice with a number of pumice finds from archaeological excavations in the Levant was observed.
Though the source volcano of this material is still unknown, it is demonstrated that the composition indicates a source in the Southern Hellenic island
arc, probably in the neighbourhood of Milos.

Geochemistry, INAA, trace elements, pumice, provenancing

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