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C. Kessler, U. Dastgeer, M. Majeed, N. Furmento, S. Thibault, R. Namyst, S. Benkner, S. Pllana, J. Träff, M. Wimmer:
"Leveraging PEPPHER Technology for Performance Portable Supercomputing";
Poster: Supercomputing 2012 Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA; 10.11.2012 - 16.11.2012; in: "Proceedings of the 2012 SC Companion: High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis", IEEE Computer Society, (2012), ISBN: 978-0-7695-4956-9; S. 1397.

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PEPPHER is a 3-year EU FP7 project that develops a novel approach and framework to enhance performance portability and programmability of heterogeneous multi-core systems. Its primary target is single-node heterogeneous systems, where several CPU cores are supported by accelerators such as GPUs. This poster briefly surveys the PEPPHER framework for single-node systems, and elaborates on the prospectives for leveraging the PEPPHER approach to generate performance-portable code for heterogeneous multi-node systems.

GPU cluster, MPI, PEPPHER, Performance portability, SkePU skeleton programming library, StarPU runtime system

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