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A. Schöbel, G. Raidl, I. Grujicic, G. Besau, G. Schuster:
"An Optimization Model for Integrated Timetable Based Design of Railway Infrastructure";
Talk: 5th International Seminar on Railway Operations Modelling and Analysis, Copenhagen; 2013-05-13 - 2013-05-15; in: "Proceedings", (2013), ISBN: 978-87-7327-246-6; Paper ID 21, 10 pages.

English abstract:
The design of new railway infrastructure is a complex planning process today in most Eu- ropean countries due to several requirements. From an operational point of view new in- frastructure basically has to fulfil the requirements defined by the later customers who are the railway undertakings. Hereby passenger traffic is often organised in a periodic timetable with well defined arrival and departure times in the hubs. So far there is no automated tool available to help in determining a minimum cost infrastructure fulfilling all the requirements defined by a timetable and the operation of the railway system. Instead, this task is typically carried out manually based on graphical design, human experience, and also intuition. This paper presents a first formalization of this task as a combinatorial optimization problem trying to capture the most essential aspects. For solving it promising algorithmic concepts based on mathematical programming techniques and metaheuristics are sketched.

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